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At Freshway we help you with the tools for you to promote your Freshway location. There is no one single best option – you should be using a combination of most, if not all, of these methods. Here are just a few - and we can customize them all to your location:

PUMP TOPPERS.  This is a great way to help get people into your store. Give that fuel customer a reason to come inside

FREQUENT BUYER CARDS. A great way to get a loyal following.

COUPONS. Putting that coupon out there gets your store’s name outside of your location.

CEILING DANGLERS. They can rotate or move with the air currents and catch the eye of that customer that just comes in to pay for fuel.

NAPKIN HOLDERS. Advertise specials conveniently and attractively.

TABLE TENTS. Table tents are great little ads to have sitting out for your customers.

SOCIAL MEDIA.  A low-cost, low effort to reach new and younger customers, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare should not be overlooked. These require minimal effort by consumers and are updated easily. And we can help!

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