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This set up is good for locations that have a steady customer count of over 500 per day and would like to offer more hot foods in a self-serve warmer. This set-up features a counter-top hot hold merchandiser and your staff dishes up to customers as they order. 

Customers can call in for large chicken orders at anytime, and it will be made fresh to order. Any leftover chicken is then sold cold in the grab-n-go cooler along with a wide variety of salads, fruits, vegetables and desserts

At right below is a staff-served counter-top hot hold merchandiser featuring a variety of chicken and potato selections, and could include an assortment of sides.  Displayed in the end cap grab-n-go cooler at right is a combination of fresh-made cole slaw and Italian pasta salad. You can also feature cold chicken, potato salad, fresh fruit and a whole lot more!
"The Hen"