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Controlling costs doesn’t just sound good – it is a necessity. But how can you control costs with Freshway? Here’s how we can help:

*  All your food comes from Sysco – you get your food at the Freshway price, not just the customer off the street price, and that saves you money.

*  Portion control. Our Operations Manual and training centers around PORTION CONTROL. Every sub gets built the same way, using the same products. That way you know your margin.

*  Margin Reports: We calculate what your margins are nearly every month so that you’ll see if what you are charging is still earning you that margin you seek.

*  Inventory Assistance: We’ll help you set up your deli inventory book and monitor your monthly inventory. This helps you keep the right amount of product on hand!
*  We’ll help you set up par sheets for stocking you warmers and coolers. We can help you set up waste sheets to keep an eye on it too. And when you open, you’ll have our help planning your staff schedule so you can hit the ground running.